The Search for Barnabas

With Prof. Michael Cosby

Messiah College New Testament professor Michael Cosby was intrigued by the lack of information on the apostle Barnabas, outside of the New Testament. So he set off to Cyprus to find out what else he could discover about one of the top leaders of the early church. And what he found out was that there was much additional early evidence. But there are some later traditions, which have their own issues.

tags: Apostle Barnabas Cyprus

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Hippos/Sussita - a city of the Decapolis

With Prof. Mark Schuler

When we first discussed Hippos/Sussita in the early days of The Book & The Spade, it was a major site just waiting to be excavated by archaeologists. Finally, a dozen years ago, the archaeologists arrived. We have been reporting on exciting discoveries at Hippos/Sussita in the last few years, finally our chance to talk with an archaeologist who has been working there: prof. Mark Schuler of Concordia University in St. Paul. Prof. Schuler is in charge of the excavations in the NE quadrant of this hilltop city overlooking the Sea of Galilee, including one of the eight Byzantine churches that have been identified.

tags: Hippos Sussita Decapolis Byzantine Churches Deaconess

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The African Memory of Mark, part 3

With Prof. Thomas Oden

Focusing on the early church in Alexandria, and the evidence for Mark's role in its beginning.

tags: Libya Cyrene Mark Africa Alexandria

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Women Priests in the Early Church

With Prof. Giorgio Otranto

An interview from 1991 on prof. Otranto's research into archaeological evidence for women priests in the early church. [Italian, with translation]

tags: Giorgio Otranto Bari Women priests Catholic Church inscriptions

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Women in the Early Church

With Catherine Clark Kroeger

A look at the archaeology and other research into the role of women in the first centuries of the Christian church.

tags: Catherine Clark Kroeger women early church Priscilla Thecla

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