Inside the Albright Institute

With Prof. Seymour Gitin

This is a re-broadcast of a 1985 program, following our first Book & The Spade tour. We visited the Albright Institute in East Jerusalem and Albright Director Seymour Gitin took us to the basement storage rooms and gave us a brief history of Biblical Archaeology. This is one of the most memorable programs in our 30-year history.

tags: William F. Albright Philistines Seymour Gitin Tel Mikne Ekron

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Does Archaeology Prove the Bible?

With Profs. James Hoffmeier, Lawrence Geraty, and Steven Ortiz

Three modern archaeologists reflect on the assertion of William F. Albright and Nelson Glueck that no find in Biblical Archaeology has contradicted the Bible. Is it still true?

tags: William F. Albright Nelson Glueck James Hoffmeier Lawrence Geraty Steven Ortiz

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The Dead Sea Scrolls @ 50

With William F. Albright, Yigael Yadin, Peter Flint, et. al.

A program produced in 1998 marking the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

tags: Dead Sea Scrolls William F. Albright Yigael Yadin James VanderKam

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