Jerusalem Tunnels

With Scott Stripling

After our discussion of the 2016 Khirbet el-Maqatir excavation season, Scott Stripling went on to tell us about exploring a 2,000-year old drainage tunnel near the Jaffa Gate, which may have connected Herod's palace with the Temple Mount.

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Geshur, Tuthmosis III, and Ancient Olive Oil

With Clyde Billington

More stories from the news digests of the latest issue of ARTIFAX magazine, the Winter 2015 issue, just out. Items include a royal escape tunnel from Iron Age Bethsaida (Geshur), a newly discovered temple of Tuthmosis III - possibly the pharaoh of the oppression, and remains of 8,000-year old olive oil.

tags: Bethsaida Geshur Exodus Tuthmosis III Olive Oil Ein Zippori

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The City of David

With Todd Bolen

The City of David area of Jerusalem has become must see territory for Christian pilgrims in recent years, following all of the recent archaeology that has been done there. In addition, a lot of work has been done to make the finds easily accessible to visitors.A lot of what can be seen there is underground.

tags: Hezekiah's Tunnel Warren's Shaft Pool of Siloam

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Newly Discovered Water Tunnel Near Jerusalem

With Todd Bolen

A newly discovered water system has been making news in Israel. It's located not far from Jerusalem and Bethlehem and it has some intriguing archaeological features, including proto-aeolic capitals. Proto-aeolic capitals have been associated with Royal Judean construction. On this week's program I discuss the significance of this discovery with Todd Bolen of bibleplaces.com. We also discuss reports that some poorly stored wooden beams seen on the Temple Mount may actually be beams used in the construction of the ancient Jewish temples built by Solomon and Herod.

tags: Jerusalem Temple Mount Tunnel Proto-Aeoloic Capitals Water Wooden Beams

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Gezer Water System, part 2

With Prof. Dan Warner

In recent weeks we’ve covered the excavations around Gezer’s Iron Age gate and the survey excavation that has turned up new Gezer boundary stones. But there is a third excavation currently underway at Gezer, the water system. The Gezer water system is somewhat like those discovered at Hazor, Megiddo, and Beersheva, which we have visited on recent tours. Except that it appears to be much older and much larger. It’s a fascinating excavation. Dan Warner, professor of Old Testament and Archaeology at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, is the co-director of the excavation. He fills us in on what’s been revealed in the first seasons of excavation, and what he anticipates in the year ahead.

tags: Gezer Water System Tunnel McAlister Warner

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