Magdala, Home of Mary Magdalene

With Shlomo Ben Asher

One of the most recent archaeological excavation sites that we visit in Israel is Magdala, on the northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee. The excavation started at Magdala only 10 years ago. Just inches below the surface, archaeologists discovered the remains of a first century synagogue, one of only seven such synagogues discovered in Israel thus far. The odds that Jesus visited this synagogue are probably better than any of the others. In the excavation, archaeologists uncovered a uniquely carved stone platform, which was called a podium, by our Israeli guide Shlomo Ben Asher. It’s true purpose is unknown, and subject to speculation.

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Huqoq Synagogue Mosaics 2016

With Jodi Magness

Jodi Magness has turned up some of the most beautiful mosaics ever found in Israel. Every summer for the past four years there have been stories about the mosaics, and so we figured it was time to talk with her and get an updat

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Magdala, Bethlehem, and Elephants

With Clyde Billington

The latest discoveries at the location of two cities important to the ministry of Jesus, plus an investigation into elephants in the Bible.

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Mary Magdalene and Magdala, part 4

With Steven Fine

We continue our discussion on this amazing first century city that is being uncovered along the northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee by focusing on the first building that archaeologists excavated, a first century synagogue. Our guest is Steven Fine, professor of Jewish History at Yeshiva University. Professor Fine compares this synagogue to other first century synagogues that have been discovered, and discusses the mysterious carved stone that was found in the very center of this synagogue.

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Magdala and a Jerusalem Inscription

With Todd Bolen

Two recent articles on important developments in Biblical Archaeology are discussed: a New York Times article on the excavations at Magdala (hometown of Mary Magdalene) and a Biblical Archaeology Review article on the discovery of the oldest alphabetic inscription found in Jerusalem. Todd Bolen, a professor of Biblical Studies at The Master’s College and editor of Bibleplaces.com, joins me to reflect on these two developments and how they add to our understanding of the biblical world.

tags: Jerusalem Magdala Mary Magdalene Sea of Galilee Inscription Jewish synagogues

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