More on the Fraudulent Antiquities Trial

With Profs. Steven Ortiz & Christopher Rollston

More scholars discuss the verdict in the Fraudulent Antiquities Trial. On this week’s program we talk with archaeologist Steven Ortiz and epigraphist Christopher Rollston.

tags: Steven Ortiz Oded Golan Robert Deutsch fraudulent antiquities trial Christopher Rollston James Ossuary

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Archaeology and the Bible

With Prof. Steven Ortiz

The third and final interview in my series of wide ranging discussions with three top evangelical archaeologists to prepare for the Eilat Mazar profile in the November issue of Christianity Today. Steven Ortiz is a professor of archaeology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, in Fort Worth TX and co-director of the latest excavations at Tel Gezer. Our discussion focused on the relationship between Biblical Archaeology and the Bible, as well as trends in Biblical Archaeology.

tags: Eilat Mazar Tel Gezer Trends

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Does Archaeology Prove the Bible?

With Profs. James Hoffmeier, Lawrence Geraty, and Steven Ortiz

Three modern archaeologists reflect on the assertion of William F. Albright and Nelson Glueck that no find in Biblical Archaeology has contradicted the Bible. Is it still true?

tags: William F. Albright Nelson Glueck James Hoffmeier Lawrence Geraty Steven Ortiz

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