Gezer's Ten Seasons (part 2)

With Steve Ortiz

Gezer, the sleeping giant, has yielded many secrets over the past ten years of excavations, although the first few years were not very exciting. But now there's a clear chronology from the Assyrian destruction back to the Merneptah destruction. More background on the Gezer excavation.

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Gezer's Tenth Season

With Steve Ortiz

Tel Gezer, a benchmark site in biblical archaeology, has been under excavation for the past ten years by Steve Ortiz and Sam Wolff (co-directors). During this year's final season of excavation, the remains of two adults and one child were found in a destruction layer dated to about 1200BC. In this 2-part interview we talk with Steve Ortiz about the results of their excavation, what they know about those three skeletons, and why Gezer was such a hard city to conquer, for the Israelites, the Egyptians, and the Philistines, who were all in the area at the time.


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Visiting Archaeological Sites

With Steve Ortiz & Barry Gittlen

For this program, announcing our 2015 Israel tour, I went to the archives to dig up the report on our visit to the excavations at Tel Mike-Ekron during our 1996 tour. At the end of our 1996 tour, we stopped at the Tel Mikne dig as the archaeologists were beginning the last of their 14 seasons of excavations. We were courteously shown around the site by two experienced archaeologists, Steve Ortiz and Barry Gittlen.

tags: Philistines Tel Mikne Ekron Israel Tour

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Gezer Excavation Update

With Sam Wolff

Sam Wolff, an archaeologist with the Israel Antiquities Authority, co-directs the excavations at Tel Gezer (with co-director Steve Ortiz of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary). He gives a status report on one of the three current excavations at Gezer, which is aimed at clarifying the dating of the Iron Age Gate. (The other two are the survey excavation in the area around Gezer, and the excavation of the Gezer water system.) Sam reports the excavations in 2013 are expected to reach the target levels.

tags: Gezer Sam Wolff

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Khirbet Qeiyafa Shrines, part three

With Prof. Steve Ortiz

Excavations for 2012 continue at Khirbet Qeiyafa, an important Iron Age site overlooking the Elah Valley in Israel. Just a few weeks ago, archaeologist Yosef Garfinkel announced some of the most exciting finds of 2011, a couple of small, portable shrines. What do these shrines have to say about the Israelite monarchy and the Israelite religion of 3,000 years ago? In this program we continue our discussion of the significance of the shrines and the Qeiyafa excavation with Steve Ortiz, a professor of Archaeology and Old Testament backgrounds at Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary.

tags: Khirbet Qeiyafa Steve Ortiz Israelite Religion Elah Valley shrines

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