The Philistines of Ekron

With Seymour Gitin

Following up our previous program on our 1996 visit to the final season of excavation at Tel Mikne Ekron, I pulled this program from the archives. This is an interview with Si Gitin, director of the Albright Institute in Jerusalem and co-director of the Tel Mikne Ekron excavation, explaining the new understanding of the Philistines, based on what was excavated during their 14 seasons. Si Gitin also discusses one of the most important discoveries of the excavation, the royal dedicatory inscription that was found in 1996, shortly after we visited the site.

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Inside the Albright Institute

With Prof. Seymour Gitin

This is a re-broadcast of a 1985 program, following our first Book & The Spade tour. We visited the Albright Institute in East Jerusalem and Albright Director Seymour Gitin took us to the basement storage rooms and gave us a brief history of Biblical Archaeology. This is one of the most memorable programs in our 30-year history.

tags: William F. Albright Philistines Seymour Gitin Tel Mikne Ekron

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