The James Ossuary and the Suspect Tomb of Jesus' Family

With Gary Manning

Sometimes we have to discuss claims that are sensationalized and unsubstantiated. And that's what we do on this program. Gary Manning is a professor of New Testament at Biola University, and he discusses the latest claims linking the James Ossuary with a tomb in the Talpiot neighborhood of Jerusalem, discovered decades ago.

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Be Wary of Sensational Biblical Archaeology Stories

With Todd Bolen

Now with the internet, how can you tell what stories about biblical archaeology are real and what are fake? This is an important topic that we discuss with Todd Bolen of Bibleplaces.com. Todd has identified some important clues that will tell you whether an internet account of a biblical archaeology discovery might be true or might be too good to be true. In fact, that’s one of his clues. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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Biblical Archaeology Top Ten of 2014

With Todd Bolen

There was a dearth of sensational discoveries in 2014, and without a bunch of discovery announcements in December it would have been a very slim year of exciting discoveries. But we do have a list, which was picked up by Christianity Today. Tops on the list was the discovery of a new monumental entrance to Herodium, Herod’s fortress/palace in the desert near Bethlehem, an entrance that was apparently never used because Herod decided to close it up and build a mausoleum nearby instead. The second discovery on the list: a half-dozen bullae (clay seal impressions) found at a small site called Khirbet Summeily, on the Judahite/Philistine border. Item #3 is a scarab of Pharaoh Sheshonq, know in the Bible as Shishak.

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