Bethsaida, Huqoq, and Rosh Ha-Ayin

With Clyde Billington

Catching up on the latest discoveries in biblical archaeology, professor Clyde Billington joins me to discuss some of the news digest items in the latest issue of ARTIFAX magazine. But first, a quick look at one of the top biblical archaeology stories of the summer that will be reported in the next issue of ARTIFAX, and that is the dispute of the true location of the New Testament city of Bethsaida. Excavations at el-Araj, on the northeastern shore of the Sea of Galilee this past summer uncovered some first century remains which has renewed the debate. For most of the past three decades, archaeologist Rami Arav has been excavating at a site about a mile from the shore called et-Tell, which he says is Bethsaida. We also discuss the latest mosaic discoveries from the ongoing excavations at Huqoq, near the northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee, and a giant Assyrian period cistern discovered at Rosh Ha-Ayin, near Tel Aphek and the headwaters of the Yarkon River.

tags: Mosaics Jodi Magness Huqoq Bethsaida Cistern Sea of Galilee Assyrian Aphek Roman ruins polis et-Tel el-Araj zodiac Yarkon

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New Testament Bethsaida

With Rami Arav

This is the third in our series of reports on Bethsaida, from a talk given by Rami Arav at the annual meeting of the Near East Archaeological Society. This program focuses on the New Testament period of Bethsaida.

tags: Bethsaida Rami Arav House of the Fisherman Antony Cleopatra

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InterTestamental Bethsaida

With Rami Arav

Population changes that occurred in Bethsaida and other Galilee cities in the interTestamental period resulted in, among other things, the family of Jesus moving from Bethlehem to Nazareth. An interesting sidelight to this discussion of the history of the Bethsaida excavation.

tags: Bethsaida Herod Tyre Hasmoneans

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Bethsaida Geshur Excavation

With Rami Arav

Rami Arav reports on his Bethsaida excavation, particularly the 1,000 BC capital of the kingdom of Geshur.

tags: Bethsaida Geshur David

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Bethsaida of the First Century

With Prof. Rami Arav

Archaeologist Rami Arav believes the site of et-Tell was the Bethsaida of the New Testament. During a 1996 Israel visit I was able to sit down with Rami Arav and talk about his excavations. (This is the second half of the interview that began with the preceding program when we talked about the Iron Age level at et-Tell).

tags: Bethsaida et-Tell Rami Arav fishermen disciples

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