My Life in Archaeology, and the Archaeology of Eilat Mazar

With Prof. Lawrence Geraty

Prof. Geraty has been an archaeologist and the president of a University, as had Benjamin Mazar, the grandfather and mentor of Israeli Archaeologist Eilat Mazar. Geraty also served as the president of The American Schools of Oriental Research, a rare honor for an evangelical archaeolist and former pastor. This was the second of my interviews with leading American evangelical archaeologists, as part of my research for the Eilat Mazar profile in the November issue of Christianity Today.


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Does Archaeology Prove the Bible?

With Profs. James Hoffmeier, Lawrence Geraty, and Steven Ortiz

Three modern archaeologists reflect on the assertion of William F. Albright and Nelson Glueck that no find in Biblical Archaeology has contradicted the Bible. Is it still true?

tags: William F. Albright Nelson Glueck James Hoffmeier Lawrence Geraty Steven Ortiz

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