Biblical Turkey, part 3

With Prof. Mark Wilson

Wrapping up our east-to-west review of Biblical sites in Turkey, we cover sites in central and western Turkey.

tags: Laodicea Ephesus Derbe Lystra Colossae Hattusha Iconium Pergamum Hieropolis Sardis Troy and Troas Alexandria Mark Wilson

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City of David Channel Clear

With Prof. Keith Schoville

News reports reviewed relating to the clearing of an ancient water channel, plus news related to a church connected to Zechariah, and the church of Laodicea. Also a house excavtion at Paphos on Cyprus.

tags: City of David channel sewer Tyropean Valley Church Judean Hills Zechariah Laodicea Lod Mosaic Paphos Epaphras

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Tel Tayinat update

With Co-host Keith Schoville

Sites in Turkey reviewed: Tayinat and Laodicea + Sidon


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