The Harbor of Corinth and the Fortress of Machaerus

With Clyde Billington

Archaeological work is being done underwater to study the western harbor of Corinth, Lechaion on the Corinthian Gulf. Ancient Corinth profited greatly from the maritime traffic across the isthmus from the western harbor of Lechaion to the eastern harbor of Cenchrae. The work currently underway is looking at construction dating to around 500 A.D. Authorities in Jordan have announced the reconstruction of Herod's mountaintop fortress of Machaerus, where Herod Antipas beheaded John the Baptist (as reported in Mark 6:21-29) after the dance of Salome. We discuss these two news items that were reported in the winter 2016 issue of ARTIFAX magazine.

tags: Jordan Corinth Herod Corinthians Greece Machaerus

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Sheshonq's Scarab

With Clyde Billington

More discoveries reported in the latest issue of ARTIFAX magazine reviewed on this program, including the recently announced scarab of Sheshonq, the Egyptian pharaoh who raided through Judah and took all of Solomon’s gold out of the Jerusalem temple. His scarab was found in 2006 at a copper production facility in Jordan. We continue with a discussion of research at another nearby copper facility in Israel at Timna and what has been learned about the men who worked there. We discuss the oldest metal object ever found in the Middle East, an awl at Tel Tsaf, also found several years ago but just recently announced. And finally, the discovery of an ivory game board at an area of the Tel Gezer excavation that’s been dubbed “Solomon’s casino.”

tags: Solomon copper mines games ivory Sheshonq

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Bethany Beyond the Jordan

With Rustom Mkhjian

This interview is from our 1999 Book & The Spade tour. The PBS program Religion and Ethics News Weekly recently visited Bethany Beyond the Jordan and also interviewed Rustom Mkhjian. Fifteen years later and he’s still there. The site is Wadi Kharrar, along the Jordan River, just across from Jericho, where tradition says John Baptized Jesus. It has also been linked by tradition to Elijah's ascension to heaven.

tags: Jordan Rustom Mkhjian Wadi Kharrar John the Baptist Elijah

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Elisha and the Roman Legion

With Todd Bolen

Two major recent discoveries discussed on this program, a house connected to “Elisha” excavated at Tel Rehov in the Jordan River Valley, and the base of the Roman Legion in the Galilee, excavated near Megiddo. Todd Bolen of Bibleplaces.com joins me to discuss these discoveries and their significance for Biblical Archaeology.

tags: Megiddo Elisha prophet Tel Rehov Roman Legion

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Sodom or Heshbon?

With Prof. Clyde Billington

An alternative view of Prof. Steven Collins excavation of Tall el-Hammam. Collins believes he is excavating biblical Sodom. Prof. Clyde Billington suggests that Sodom is probably located south of the Dead Sea, not north. Instead, he proposes that Tall el-Hammam could be Bronze Age Heshbon, a site that has been sought by archaeologists since it was discovered that Iron Age Heshbon has no Bronze Age remains (from the time of the Exodus).

tags: Jordan Sodom Heshbon Tall el-Hammam Steven Collins Prof. Clyde Billington

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