The Future of Biblical Archaeology +10

With Prof. James Hoffmeier

A conference on The Future of Biblical Archaeology was held in suburban Chicago ten years ago. At that time the Minimalists were in ascendance and the future didn’t look real bright. Today, it's different but has the situation improved. Prof. James Hoffmeier convened the original conference and offers an update.

tags: Maximalists Minimalists James Hoffmeier

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Does Archaeology Prove the Bible?

With Profs. James Hoffmeier, Lawrence Geraty, and Steven Ortiz

Three modern archaeologists reflect on the assertion of William F. Albright and Nelson Glueck that no find in Biblical Archaeology has contradicted the Bible. Is it still true?

tags: William F. Albright Nelson Glueck James Hoffmeier Lawrence Geraty Steven Ortiz

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