Museum of the Bible - Repatriating Antiquities

With Jeffrey Kloha

Almost simultaneously with the announcement from the Museum of the Bible that the Dead Sea Scroll fragments in their collection were modern forgeries, came the additional announcement that museum founder and board chairman Steve Green was repatriating, to Egypt and Iraq, more than 11-thousand antiquities that were inappropriately acquired during the museum formation process. Once again I was referred to Jeffrey Kloha, the Chief Curatorial Officer at the Museum of the Bible. He was speaking for the museum, and not for Steve Green in this week's interview.

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Preserving Culture in War, part 3

With Katharyn Hanson

We resume our conversations with American archaeologists who are working to help Iraqis and Syrians preserve their cultural heritage in the midst of the fighting that continues to wreak havoc and destruction in the area that has often been called the cradle of civilization. This week’s program features Katharyn Hanson, a University of Chicago grad who has been working with the Archaeological Site Preservation Program at the Iraqi Institute for the Conservation of Antiquities and Heritage in Irbil, Iraq.

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Preserving Culture in War, part 2

With Brian Daniels, Corine Wegener

More from Brian Daniels on efforts to preserve the culture of our civilization in the midst of the war in Syria and Iraq, joined by Corine Wegener, relaying her experiences as an Army Reserve officer and a Smithsonian Institute employee.

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Preserving Culture in War

With Brian Daniels

War and natural disasters like earthquakes, as destructive as they are, can be a boon for archaeologists centuries later. But the current fighting in Syria and Iraq, in addition to the devastating destruction wreaked on millions of lives, is also threatening the archaeological/cultural/religious resources of the region, which is sometimes called the Cradle of Civilization. In these two programs we begin a discussion on efforts to try to preserve these resources with Brian Daniels, Director of Research and Programs, Penn Cultural Heritage Center at the Penn Museum. Brian is one of the modern Monuments Men, working with a network of archaeologists and museum professionals in the field of disaster risk management.

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