Governor of the City Seal

With Clyde Billington

Reviewing archaeology news reported in the latest issue of ARTIFAX, we cover a seal impression (bulla) which has the inscription, "Governor of the City." This conforms to two separate scriptural mentions of the Governor of the City of Jerusalem. This seal impression was found by Israel Antiquities Authority archaeologists working in the western wall plaza area, near the Temple Mount. Also in this program, we discuss several reports from Egypt, including a new investigation of King Tut's tomb and the discovery of a void inside of the great pyramid. And finally, a few words about the great work done by Andrews University archaeologists over the past 50 years at the site of Tall Hisban in Jordan.

tags: Jerusalem Heshbon King Tut Western Wall Governor of the City Tall Hisban Andrews University

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Sodom or Heshbon?

With Prof. Clyde Billington

An alternative view of Prof. Steven Collins excavation of Tall el-Hammam. Collins believes he is excavating biblical Sodom. Prof. Clyde Billington suggests that Sodom is probably located south of the Dead Sea, not north. Instead, he proposes that Tall el-Hammam could be Bronze Age Heshbon, a site that has been sought by archaeologists since it was discovered that Iron Age Heshbon has no Bronze Age remains (from the time of the Exodus).

tags: Jordan Sodom Heshbon Tall el-Hammam Steven Collins Prof. Clyde Billington

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