Herod's Palaces and Hadrian Inscription

With Clyde Billington

Some of the stories from the news digests of the latest issue of ARTIFAX magazine, the Winter 2015 issue, just out: Items include the newly discovered monumental entrance at Herodium, the newly opened site of Herod’s palace in Jerusalem – where some say Jesus appeared before Pilate, and a commemorative Latin inscription to the Roman emperor Hadrian.

tags: Herodium Herod's palaces Kishle Pilate Hadrian Latin inscription.

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Biblical Archaeology Top Ten of 2014

With Todd Bolen

There was a dearth of sensational discoveries in 2014, and without a bunch of discovery announcements in December it would have been a very slim year of exciting discoveries. But we do have a list, which was picked up by Christianity Today. Tops on the list was the discovery of a new monumental entrance to Herodium, Herod’s fortress/palace in the desert near Bethlehem, an entrance that was apparently never used because Herod decided to close it up and build a mausoleum nearby instead. The second discovery on the list: a half-dozen bullae (clay seal impressions) found at a small site called Khirbet Summeily, on the Judahite/Philistine border. Item #3 is a scarab of Pharaoh Sheshonq, know in the Bible as Shishak.

tags: Herodium Sheshonq bullae

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Artifax News Digests - Spring 2013

With Prof. Clyde Billington

In this program we review the news digests of the latest issue of ARTIFAX magazine for Biblical Archaeology items that we haven’t yet reported on the Book & The Spade. Items include an update on reconstruction plans for Herod’s Tomb, archaeological developments at Shiloh-the site of the Tabernacle, restoration of Avdat, and Negev farming.

tags: Herodium Herod's Tomb Shiloh Tabernacle Avdat Negev

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Herod the Great - Part 2

With Prof. Paul Maier

More on Herod's great constructions, and the current exhibit at the Israel Museum, "Herod - The King's Final Journey."

tags: Jericho Herod Masada Herodium Israel Museum

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Herod the Great - How Great?

With Prof. Paul Maier

Herod the Great is the subject of one of the largest exhibitions ever mounted by the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. We wanted to find out more about this brutal tyrant (according to New Testament accounts) so we called up Paul Maier. Prof. Maier is a professor of Ancient History at Western Michigan University, and thoroughly familiar with Herod after re-translating the largest source of information about Herod, the ancient historian Josephus Flavius.

tags: Herod the Great Masada Herodium Caesarea Maritima

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