The Dead Sea Scrolls at 70, parat 2

With Sidnie White Crawford

More details on what we have learned after 70 years of Dead Sea Scroll scholarship, about the Jewish communities of 2,000 years ago and the culture that gave us the Christian faith. The scrolls were collected by a religious community believed to be the Essenes, but the scrolls don't all necessarily reflect the Essene community.

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Dead Sea Scrolls Perspectives Updated, part 3

With Prof. John J. Collins

More from Prof. Collins, focusing on the Qumran ruins and what the archaeology indicates about their relationship to the scrolls and to the scrolls community, commonly identified as the Essenes. Prof. Collins reviews and updates the dating of the occupation of these ruins.

tags: Dead Sea Scrolls John J. Collins Yale Qumran ruins dating Essenes Cave 4

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Essene Latrine Reality Check

With Jodi Magness

Analyzes Zias and Tabor's theories about Essenes/Qumran


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The Essene Latrines at Qumran

With Co-host Keith Schoville

Toilet Habits of Essenes have been analyzed


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