Temple Mount Gold Discovery

With Prof. Clyde Billington

Israeli archaeologist Eilat Mazar recently announced the discovery of two caches of gold at her Ophel area excavations, near the southern steps of the Temple Mount. Anytime gold is discovered it's a good day for archaeology. But the unique dating of this amazing discovery and the menorah pictured on a medallion from the cache suggest to Prof. Clyde Billington an unusual link to another gold treasure cache, taken by the Romans from the Temple Mount in 70 A.D.

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Jerusalem as David and Solomon Knew It

With Rev. Dr. Andrew Vaughn

Time and time again we come back to the debate over Jerusalem in the tenth century and the importance of David and Solomon. The debate has continued in archaeological circles for several decades. Eilat Mazar is in one corner and Israel Finkelstein is on the other side. And there are additional opinions from other archaeologists. Andrew Vaughn is a top notch biblical scholar and also the Executive Director of the American Schools of Oriental Research, the main organization for archaeologists and Bible scholars worker in Israel and the surrounding region. He helps us get to the bottom of issues that separate the main characters in this debate and sheds some light on some facts that may help resolve it.

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Archaeology and the Bible

With Prof. Steven Ortiz

The third and final interview in my series of wide ranging discussions with three top evangelical archaeologists to prepare for the Eilat Mazar profile in the November issue of Christianity Today. Steven Ortiz is a professor of archaeology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, in Fort Worth TX and co-director of the latest excavations at Tel Gezer. Our discussion focused on the relationship between Biblical Archaeology and the Bible, as well as trends in Biblical Archaeology.

tags: Eilat Mazar Tel Gezer Trends

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My Life in Archaeology, and the Archaeology of Eilat Mazar

With Prof. Lawrence Geraty

Prof. Geraty has been an archaeologist and the president of a University, as had Benjamin Mazar, the grandfather and mentor of Israeli Archaeologist Eilat Mazar. Geraty also served as the president of The American Schools of Oriental Research, a rare honor for an evangelical archaeolist and former pastor. This was the second of my interviews with leading American evangelical archaeologists, as part of my research for the Eilat Mazar profile in the November issue of Christianity Today.


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Digging in Jerusalem, part 2

With Prof. Eilat Mazar

The third, actually, and final part of my interview with archaeologist Eilat Mazar about her excavations in Jerusalem, and her perspective on the Bible.

tags: City of David Jerusalem Eilat Mazar Biblical Archaeology the Bible Critics

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