Jerusalem's Roman Theater

With Clyde Billington

More stories from the news digest of the Autumn issue of ARTIFAX magazine, including the cover story on the discovery of the first Roman theater ever found in Jerusalem. Although Josephus mentions a Roman theater in Jerusalem in the first century, this new discovery is apparently not that theater, for reasons discussed on the program. This is a very small theater and may have been used for governing purposes, rather than entertainment. Other topics discussed on this program include the discovery of a Byzantine era mosaic at the Damascus Gate with a connection to the famous Nea Church built by the Emperor Justinian, and the discovery of bullae (clay seal impressions) from the First Temple Period.

tags: Jerusalem Damascus Gate Byzantine Western Wall Roman theater bullae Odeon Bouletarion Mosaic Nea Church Constantine Justinian First Temple Period

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Dead Sea Scrolls Online & Damascus Gate Renovation

With Prof. Keith Schoville

A couple of decades ago we spent quite a few of our Book & The Spade programs reporting on how the Dead Sea Scrolls were freed from the control of a handful of scholars and made available to all scholars. Now the Dead Sea Scrolls are even more available, and in much higher resolution, online. So we talk about that on this week’s program, as well as the renovation of one of the main entrances into the Old City of Jerusalem, the Damascus Gate.

tags: Dead Sea Scrolls Damascus Gate

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