Tel Beth Shemesh

With Dale Manor

The current excavation has been going on for a quarter century, and Bet Shemesh has an interesting biblical history, as recorded in I Samuel 4-6. Dale Manor of Harding University is a field director of the dig and gives us an update on the site.

tags: Philistines Cistern Israelites Border

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The Top Ten Biblical Archaeology Discoveries of 2012

With Prof. Clyde Billington

From the archaeology news digests of ARTIFAX magazine, an informal list of the top discoveries in Biblical Archaeology from 2012. Our guest is Northwestern College history professor Clyde Billington, my co-editor at ARTIFAX. We discuss the Huqoq Synagogue mosaic discovery, our top choice, and list nine more interesting discoveries that were made or announced in the year just past. You can see the list here.

tags: Qeiyafa Seal Bulla Cistern Huquq scarab

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First Temple Period Cistern

With -

It’s been a bountiful excavation season this summer in Israel, and one of the most exciting discoveries occurred at the end of the season, after most of the institutional excavations ended. The Israel Antiquities Authority has announced the discovery of a cistern from the First Temple Period, the time of the kings of Judah. The cistern is located at the Southwest corner of the Temple Mount, underneath Robinson’s Arch, a first century Herodian Street, and a drainage channel under the street. Down below all of those levels, a large community cistern was discovered when a worker noticed a loose paver and decided to see what was underneath.

tags: Jerusalem Temple Mount Cistern

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Return to Jeremiah's Pit

With Betsy Melman

Archaeologist Eilat Mazar is upset about an excavation in the City of David area, at a place called Jeremiah's Pit. We visited this pit in 2001, so today we return to the scene of that subterranean cistern for a second look.

tags: City of David Eilat Mazar Betsy Melman Jeremiah's Pit

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