Carbon 14 Dating + Sepphoris and Tiberias

With Clyde Billington

Reviewing more reports from the summer issue of ARTIFAX magazine, we discuss research into the accuracy of Carbon-14 dating, and significant questions that have been raised. We also discuss the discovery of an underground winepress at Sepphoris and a Jewish burial cave from Tiberias, the two cities thata served as the capitals of the Galilee during the time of Jesus. And finally, brief mentions of a report that the government of Israel is going to invest $140 million in archaeology to benefit tourism, and an archaeological fraternity has been formed at George Washington University.

tags: Sepphoris winepress Carbon 14 Tiberias archaeological fraternity

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Three Stones Make a Wall, part 2

With Eric Cline

More on Eric Cline's latest book, "Three Stones Make a Wall - The Story of Archaeology." He talks about how archaeologists decide where to dig, and reviews some of the technology that makes the present time just as exciting for new discoveries as any time in previous history.

tags: Tel Kabri Archaeology Carbon 14 Lidar

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