Gezer's Ten Seasons (part 2)

With Steve Ortiz

Gezer, the sleeping giant, has yielded many secrets over the past ten years of excavations, although the first few years were not very exciting. But now there's a clear chronology from the Assyrian destruction back to the Merneptah destruction. More background on the Gezer excavation.

tags: Gezer Philistines Solomon Canaanites Israelites Merneptah Pharaoh

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Omrit, Polycarp & Battir

With Clyde Billington

Three more news items discussed from the news digest of the latest issue of ARTIFAX magazine: an Assyrian seal discovered at Omrit in northern Israel, completely out of context in a Roman temple; the excavation of the theater where the martyrdom of Polycarp took place; and the preservation of ancient agricultural terraces in the region around Jerusalem.

tags: Seal Assyrian Battir Izmir Polycarp Roman temple Roman theater Smyrna terraces

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Excavating Abel Beth Maacah

With Prof. Robert Mullins

There are tells all over Israel, still waiting to be dug, to discover the secrets they hold. This is one of the newest excavations, a tell near the northern border of Israel. Abel Beth Maacah was conquered by the Aramean King Ben Hadad (I Kings 15:20) and the Assyrian King Tiglath Pileser III (II Kings 15:29). Most interestingly, it figured in the story of the second revolt against King David, the one after Absalom's revolt. II Samuel 20 tells the story of Sheba, son of Bichri, who challenged David and then holed up at Abel Beth Maacah. Joab arrived with David's Army. But instead of a long siege a "wise woman" bargained with Joab from the city wall and then convinced the leaders of her city to kill Sheba and throw his head over the wall. So that ended that. Azusa Pacific University professor Robert Mullins has been wanting to dig this site for several decades, while he worked on excavations elsewhere in Israel. He surveyed the tell this past summer, and plans to begin digging next summer.

tags: Abel Beth Maacah Azusa Pacific University Robert Mullins

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Assyrian Dictionary, Syriac Question Mark, and Ancient Graffiti

With Prof. Keith Schoville

This program reviews completion of the Assyrian Dictionary by the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute, the suggestion that the Syriac language has the first evidence of use of a Question Mark, and a report on the study of Ancient Graffiti from National Public Radio. We also briefly discuss an article on The New Biblical Archaeology.

tags: Assyrian Dictionary Project Syriac Question Mark Graffiti

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Paul's Tomb, Western Wall Plaze

With Co-host Keith Schoville

New look at site of Paul's tomb, + Ashdod Assyrian Palace


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