Qumran Cave 12 + 2017 Excavation Plans

With John DeLancey

The 11 caves in which Dead Sea Scroll materials were found more than a half century ago have been joined by one more cave, cave #12. No new scrolls were found, but archaeologists did find evidence of scroll storage jars and related materials left behind by looters who plundered the site decades ago. We discuss this find and several other sites where archaeology is going on this year with John DeLancey, who will be the co-leader of our May 2018 TB&TS Israel Study tour.

tags: Dead Sea Scrolls Qumran Gezer Abel Beth Maacah

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Nazareth Archaeology

With Ken Dark

Nazareth is the Rodney Dangerfield of Biblical Archaeology, it gets virtually no attention from archaeologists and many pilgrimage tours barely visit the city. Very little is known about Nazareth archaeologically, but there is a little more known now following the work of professor Ken Dark, of the University of Reading Research Center for Late Antique and Byzantine Studies. In this interview Ken explains some of the reasons why Nazareth has been so overlooked, and what he discovered about a possible site that may have been the childhood home of Jesus.

tags: Nazareth Jesus' hometown

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Visiting the Land of the Bible

With John DeLancey

An interview with Rev. Dr. John DeLancey, co-leader of our Israel tour, at the end of our 2015 Book & The Spade Holyland study tour. The tour took place as we lingered outside the Garden Tomb in East Jerusalem, and we discussed his perspective on visiting the Holyland.

tags: Archaeology tour Holyland Tour Pilgrimage

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Inside the Albright Institute

With Prof. Seymour Gitin

This is a re-broadcast of a 1985 program, following our first Book & The Spade tour. We visited the Albright Institute in East Jerusalem and Albright Director Seymour Gitin took us to the basement storage rooms and gave us a brief history of Biblical Archaeology. This is one of the most memorable programs in our 30-year history.

tags: William F. Albright Philistines Seymour Gitin Tel Mikne Ekron

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Gezer Water System, part 2

With Prof. Dan Warner

In recent weeks we’ve covered the excavations around Gezer’s Iron Age gate and the survey excavation that has turned up new Gezer boundary stones. But there is a third excavation currently underway at Gezer, the water system. The Gezer water system is somewhat like those discovered at Hazor, Megiddo, and Beersheva, which we have visited on recent tours. Except that it appears to be much older and much larger. It’s a fascinating excavation. Dan Warner, professor of Old Testament and Archaeology at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, is the co-director of the excavation. He fills us in on what’s been revealed in the first seasons of excavation, and what he anticipates in the year ahead.

tags: Gezer Water System Tunnel McAlister Warner

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