Anson Rainey and the Sacred Bridge

With Prof. Anson Rainey

A rebroadcast of our final interview with the late Anson Rainey, discussing his final book, The Sacred Bridge. The interview is from early 2006.

tags: Anson Rainey The Sacred Bridge Bible Atlas

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Remembering Anson Rainey - 1985

With Prof. Anson Rainey

Our first interview with Anson Rainey, over 25 years ago.

tags: Anson Rainey Yohanan Aharoni Arad Biblical Geography Institute of Holyland Studies

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Remembering Anson Rainey

With co-host Keith Schoville

We discuss the passing of three remarkable Bible scholars: Anson Rainey, Shemaryahu Talmon, and Cathereine Kroeger. In the weeks ahead we'll hear more from Rainey and Talmon, via their past interviews on The Book & The Spade. We also discuss an archaeological perspective on the political upheavals in Egypt and Tunisia, and squeeze in a mention of the resignation of Zahi Hawass.

tags: Anson Rainey Shemaryahu Talmon Catherine Kroeger Zahi Hawass Egypt Tunisia

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