Jerusalem's Garbage and Ancient Writing

With Clyde Billington

News digest items from the latest issue of ARTIFAX magazine covered in this week’s program with ARTIFAX co-editor Clyde Billington, including: The discovery of the garbage dump from first century Jerusalem A cache of first century writing tablets from London, at the other end of the Roman Empire An abecedary (alphabet listing) from 15th century BC Egypt, the time of Moses And conclusive evidence that the ancient Coptic papyrus fragment that mentions the wife of Jesus is actually a forgery

tags: Jerusalem Jesus wife First century Garbage Writing Tablets Egyptian abecedary

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Magdala and a Jerusalem Inscription

With Todd Bolen

Two recent articles on important developments in Biblical Archaeology are discussed: a New York Times article on the excavations at Magdala (hometown of Mary Magdalene) and a Biblical Archaeology Review article on the discovery of the oldest alphabetic inscription found in Jerusalem. Todd Bolen, a professor of Biblical Studies at The Master’s College and editor of Bibleplaces.com, joins me to reflect on these two developments and how they add to our understanding of the biblical world.

tags: Jerusalem Magdala Mary Magdalene Sea of Galilee Inscription Jewish synagogues

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The History of Writing

With Prof. Alan Millard

This is the second part of our 1988 interview with Professor Alan Millard, who is now emeritus professor of Hebrew and ancient Semitic languages at Liverpool University. The history of writing is an area of special interest for prof. Millard.

tags: Alphabet Writing cuneiform hieroglyphics Byblos

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Writing and Literacy in the World of Ancient Israel

With Prof. Christopher Rollston

One of the world’s leading experts on ancient writing in the Middle East, Christopher Rollston joins us to talk about his new book, Writing and Literacy in the World of Ancient Israel, and what it has to say about the Bible and the biblical world.

tags: Alphabet Writing Christoper Rollston

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How the Alphabet was Born

With Co-host Keith Schoville

Discussion of a BAR article on writing's development by Orly Goldwasser


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