The Story of Jerusalem

With Magen Broshi

A conversation about the history of Jerusalem with Magen Broshi. This is a 1995 interview in Broshi's office at the Shrine of the Book in Jerusalem, where he was curator for many years. Magen Broshi passed away on July 14, 2020. He was 91.

tags: Jerusalem Magen Broshi Shrine of the Book Execration Tests Amarna Letters Josephus Herod the Great

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The History of Dead Sea Scrolls Scholarship, part 2

With Lawrence Schiffman

The Dead Sea Scrolls have been a major story in Biblical Archaeology and Biblical scholarship for over 70 years. New York University and the Friends of the Israel Antiquities Authority recently held a public conference online with some of the top Dead Sea Scroll scholars and we have received permission to share a portion of the conference. Lawrence Schiffman, professor of Hebrew and Judaic Studies at New York University, offered a history and status report on Dead Sea Scroll studies with a chronological walk through the decades that chronicled how perspectives have changed over the years.

tags: Dead Sea Scrolls Biblical Archaeology Qumran Friends of the IAA New York University

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The Archaeology of Jerusalem's Temple Mount, part 2

With Gabriel Barkay

Israeli archaeology Gabby Barkay calls the Temple Mount the most important archaeological site in Israel. This sensitive holy site, holy to both Jews and Muslims, has never been the site of an archaeological excavation. Nonetheless, an archaeological investigation is underway. It’s called the Temple Mount Sifting Project. In a recent symposium, Barkay, one of Israel’s most distinguished archaeologists, gave the background on how the project came into being and what they are finding.

tags: Temple Mount Archaeology Jerusalem Sifting

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The Nazareth Inscription

With Clyde Billington

The Nazareth Inscription is a 2,000-year old text inscribed on a marble tablet that threatens penalties against anyone disturbing bodies in tombs. This strange pronouncement has been described as possible evidence for the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus. A new analysis offers evidence for the source of the marble but does it tell us anything else about the reason for the text? Professor Billington has devoted considerable time to an analysis of this text and suggests there is an easy explanation for how the marble tablet got from the Aegean island of Kos to Nazareth, where it was apparently discovered by a French antiquities collector almost a century and a half ago.

tags: Nazareth Inscription Louvre Marble Greek Tombs Jesus Resurrection Kos

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COVID 19 Archaeology Impacts And Hadrian's Gate

With Clyde Billington

No excavations at Tel Dan and a number of other archaeological sites in Israel this summer due to the travel restrictions related to the COVID19 coronavirus. But there are still some excavations holding out hope that they may get into the field in 2020. We discuss both situations plus other impacts of COVID19. Also, from the news digest of the latest issue of our biblical archaeology newsmagazine, ARTIFAX, we discuss the reopening of Hadrian’s Gate in Jerusalem, which is almost 2,000 years old, and the discovery of a large Phoenician iron-smithing installation at Akko from the Persian period.

tags: COVID19 Coronavirus Excavations Hadrian's Gate Akko iron Persians

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