The African Memory of Mark

With Prof. Thomas Oden

The apostle Mark is mentioned by most of the NT writers, but not a lot is known otherwise. However, prof. Oden has found North African sources have a lot of information on Mark that has gone largely ignored or discounted. (part one)

tags: Libya Cyrene Mark Africa Alexandria

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The Archaeology of Libya

With Prof. Keith Schoville

Moammar Gaddafi's hometown of Syrte is mentioned in the Book of Acts. The apostle Mark probably came from the Libyan city of Cyrene. Some of the most beautiful Roman ruins in the world are locataed at Leptis Magna, near Tripoli. These are all discussed on this program.

tags: Libya Cyrene Mark Leptis Magna Syrtis

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Assyrian Dictionary, Syriac Question Mark, and Ancient Graffiti

With Prof. Keith Schoville

This program reviews completion of the Assyrian Dictionary by the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute, the suggestion that the Syriac language has the first evidence of use of a Question Mark, and a report on the study of Ancient Graffiti from National Public Radio. We also briefly discuss an article on The New Biblical Archaeology.

tags: Assyrian Dictionary Project Syriac Question Mark Graffiti

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Biblical Turkey, part 3

With Prof. Mark Wilson

Wrapping up our east-to-west review of Biblical sites in Turkey, we cover sites in central and western Turkey.

tags: Laodicea Ephesus Derbe Lystra Colossae Hattusha Iconium Pergamum Hieropolis Sardis Troy and Troas Alexandria Mark Wilson

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Biblical Turkey, part 2

With Prof. Mark Wilson

This second installment of our conversation with Mark Wilson covers some of the sites in central Turkey, between Antioch on the Orontes, modern Antakya, and Antioch of Pisidia. Our conversation includes discussion of Tarsus, the Apostle Paul's hometown, as well as Attalia (Antalya), the current home of Mark Wilson.

tags: Turkey Mark Wilson Attalia Antioch Tarsus Asia Minor Holy Land

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