Patterns of Exodus Evidence

With Charles Aling

Charles Aling, chair of the history department at the University of Northwestern-St. Paul, was featured in the recent documentary Patterns of Evidence, which investigates the historical evidence for the Exodus of the Bible. The documentary highlights the tensions between the theories for the early date for the Exodus and the late date and other issues related to the historicity of this founding event for two of the world's major religions. We discuss some of the theories presented in the documentary, why Dr. Aling supports the early date for the Exodus, and the issues he has with some of the other presentations in the documentary.

tags: Egypt Exodus Chronology

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The Art and Archaeology of the Crusades

With Lisa Mahoney

A look at the Holyland’s biblical history through the eyes of the Crusaders, and the buildings and relics they left behind. Our guest is Lisa Mahoney, professor of Art History at DePaul University.

tags: Church of the Holy Sepulcher Crusades St. Ann's Church |

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History of the Bible

With Paul Kulp

My InterVarsity colleague Paul Kulp recently shared a quick timeline for how we got the Bible.

tags: the Bible

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Herod the Great - Part 2

With Prof. Paul Maier

More on Herod's great constructions, and the current exhibit at the Israel Museum, "Herod - The King's Final Journey."

tags: Jericho Herod Masada Herodium Israel Museum

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Herod the Great - How Great?

With Prof. Paul Maier

Herod the Great is the subject of one of the largest exhibitions ever mounted by the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. We wanted to find out more about this brutal tyrant (according to New Testament accounts) so we called up Paul Maier. Prof. Maier is a professor of Ancient History at Western Michigan University, and thoroughly familiar with Herod after re-translating the largest source of information about Herod, the ancient historian Josephus Flavius.

tags: Herod the Great Masada Herodium Caesarea Maritima

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