Magdala and a Jerusalem Inscription

With Todd Bolen

Two recent articles on important developments in Biblical Archaeology are discussed: a New York Times article on the excavations at Magdala (hometown of Mary Magdalene) and a Biblical Archaeology Review article on the discovery of the oldest alphabetic inscription found in Jerusalem. Todd Bolen, a professor of Biblical Studies at The Master’s College and editor of Bibleplaces.com, joins me to reflect on these two developments and how they add to our understanding of the biblical world.

tags: Jerusalem Magdala Mary Magdalene Sea of Galilee Inscription Jewish synagogues

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Magdala and Myra - Pompeii cities

With Prof. Keith Schoville

Magdala, the home of Mary Magdalene on the NW shore of the Sea of Galilee, and Myra, the home of St. Nicholas on the southern coast of Turkey, and both the scene of recent archeology where archaeologists are recovering ancient city features without intervening layers of later remains.

tags: Byzantine Synagogue St. Nicholas Myra Magdala Mary Magdalene

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Magdala Synagogue and Menorah

With Co-host Keith Schoville

Construction of hotel on Galilee shore yields 1sts century finds


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