2014 Dig Plans, part 2

With Todd Bolen

More on the institutional excavations planned for 2014, from Akko to Tel Megiddo, including Tel Burna, Tel Gezer, Tel Hazor, and Tel Jezreel.

tags: Akko Gezer Megiddo Hazor Jezreel Tel Burna

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The Top Ten Biblical Archaeology Discoveries of 2013

With Prof. Clyde Billington

A list of ten discoveries taken from those we’ve discussed on The Book & The Spade radio program and reported in the pages of ARTIFAX magazine over the past year.

tags: Khirbet Qeiyafa Hazor scarab Tel Kabri Jezreel Khirbet el-Maqatir Sphinx wine winepress

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Discovering Dalmanutha

With Prof. Ken Dark

In the same spirit as the Jezreel Valley Regional Project discussed by Matthew Adams a few weeks ago, Professor Ken Dark of the University of Reading Research Center for Late Antique and Byzantine Studies is working on a landscape study of the western shore of the Sea of Galilee, particular the Plain of Ginosar or Genneserat, along the northwest shore. While surveying that landscape in 2012 he discovered the remains of a previously unidentified village. Based on a few biblical clues from the gospels, he’s suggested that the site may be Dalmanutha, the place to which Jesus retired after the feeding of the 4,000 in the gospel of Marka (not to be confused with the feeding of the 5,000). .

tags: Ginosar Survey Archaeology Sea of Galilee Genneserat

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The Jezreel Valley Regional Project

With Matthew Adams

Following up on our conversation on the Megiddo East Project, a new excavation that's begun across the highway to the east of tel Megiddo, we widen the scope to discuss the wider Jezreel Valley Regional Project. Through this projet, Matthew Adams and his team are coordinating the many archaeological projects that have taken place in the valley over the years, and those that are planned in the future.

tags: Valley Megiddo Jezreel

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Jezreel, Jezebel, and Naboth's Vineyard, part 2

With Jennie Ebeling

Excavations have resumed at Tel Jezreel, the home away from home for Ahab and Jezebel, after a 15-year hiatus. Jennie Ebeling of Evansville University is co-director of the new excavation and fills us in on what they found during their first dig season this summer. One of the finds, one of the largest winepresses ever discovered in Israel.

tags: Jezreel Ahab Jezebel Naboth Jennie Ebeling

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