The Tomb of Jesus

With Darrell Bock

Archaeologists and conservators in Jerusalem are repairing the edicule, a small structure that covers the traditional location of the tomb of Jesus in the rotunda of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. During a 60-hour period they were able to remove the marble covering of the stone tomb and observe for the first time in four and a half centuries the actual stone bench on which the body of Jesus is believed to have lain. But could this actually be the Tomb of Jesus? There are questions about which site is right so we went to Darrell Bock, Research Professor of New Testament at Dallas Theological Seminary to seek some answers.

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The James Ossuary and the Suspect Tomb of Jesus' Family

With Gary Manning

Sometimes we have to discuss claims that are sensationalized and unsubstantiated. And that's what we do on this program. Gary Manning is a professor of New Testament at Biola University, and he discusses the latest claims linking the James Ossuary with a tomb in the Talpiot neighborhood of Jerusalem, discovered decades ago.

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The Jesus Tomb controversy

With Co-host Keith Schoville

Tomb excavated 25 years ago now subject of documentary


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