Qumran Cave 12

With Randall Price

Another cave has been discovered, connected to the Dead Sea Scrolls. This cave was excavated by archaeologists and volunteers in January 2017. One of the leaders of the excavation was Randall Price, a professor at Liberty University.

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Qumran Cave 12 + 2017 Excavation Plans

With John DeLancey

The 11 caves in which Dead Sea Scroll materials were found more than a half century ago have been joined by one more cave, cave #12. No new scrolls were found, but archaeologists did find evidence of scroll storage jars and related materials left behind by looters who plundered the site decades ago. We discuss this find and several other sites where archaeology is going on this year with John DeLancey, who will be the co-leader of our May 2018 TB&TS Israel Study tour.

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Stones and Dung, Oil and Spit

With Prof. Jodi Magness

Jodi Magness, of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, talks about her new book, Stones and Dung, Oil and Spit, published by Eerdmans. The book is subtitled Jewish Daily Life in the Time of Jesus and is an outgrowth of her studies of the Qumran community, among other things.

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Dead Sea Scrolls Perspectives Updated, part 3

With Prof. John J. Collins

More from Prof. Collins, focusing on the Qumran ruins and what the archaeology indicates about their relationship to the scrolls and to the scrolls community, commonly identified as the Essenes. Prof. Collins reviews and updates the dating of the occupation of these ruins.

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Dead Sea Scrolls Perspectives Updated

With Prof. John J. Collins

Some excerpts from a lecture by professor Collins on major points of agreement amongst Dead Sea Scrolls scholars and how they need to be updated, particularly whether the collection of documents found in the Qumran caves could actually be called a library.

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