What to do about the James Ossuary

With Hershel Shanks

The trial is over but the controversy remains. However, Hershel Shanks writes in Biblical Archaeology Review that he is convinced of the authenticity of the James Ossuary inscription. In the first part of this 2-part interview Shanks explains why he thinks the inscription is valid, even if many scholars are still unsure.

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The Fraudulent Antiquities Trial Verdict IV

With Andrew Vaughn

Andrew Vaughn, executive director of the American Schools of Oriental Research, talks further about the trend of holiday-oriented news conferences of archaeological discoveries aimed at avoiding scholarly scrutiny. We discuss the James Ossuary, and the recent announcement regarding The Patio Tomb in Jerusalem's Talpiot neighborhood.

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The Fraudulent Antiquities Trial Verdict

With Prof. Mark Schuler

A judge in Jerusalem has finally issued a verdict in the trial of Oded Golan and Robert Deutsch, who were accused of creating fake antiquities and illegally trafficking in antiquities. The case involved the James Ossuary. Prof. Mark Schuler is the Midwest Representative for the American Schools of Oriental Research, the professional organization for archaeologists working in Israel. And also one of the directors of excavations at Hippos/Sussita, a decapolis city overlooking the Sea of Galilee. He offers some thoughts on the verdict and the issues behind the court case.

tags: Fake Antiquities Illegal Trafficking Oded Golan Robert Deutsch Mark Schuler

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Ossuary Trial Nearing End

With Co-host Keith Schoville

The trial of the James Ossuary is now in the hands of the judge


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James Ossuary Trial continues

With Matthew Kalman

Only journalist to sit through whole trial tells what's happening


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