The Lebanese War and Archaeology

With Co-host Keith Schoville



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Tel Aphek Excavations

With Moshe Kochavi - Tel Aviv U.

Tel Aphek,Isbet Sarta, Ebenezer


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The Dead Sea Scrolls @ 50

With William F. Albright, Yigael Yadin, Peter Flint, et. al.

A program produced in 1998 marking the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

tags: Dead Sea Scrolls William F. Albright Yigael Yadin James VanderKam

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The Historicity of Jesus

With William Lane Craig

In this 1997 program from TB&TS archives, I engaged philosopher William Lane Craig in a discussion on the historicity of Jesus. One of the questions I asked concerned the significance of the four slightly dissimilar biographical stories on the life and ministry of Jesus. This interview was originally an Easter season presentation, so once again during this Easter season, we present William Lane Craig.

tags: Jesus Gospels Historicity Shroud of Turin

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That the World May Know

With Ray Vander Laan

Ray Vander Laan has produced the Faith Matters video series, originally knows as That the World May Know. It's a great resource for introducing the Bible in its context and relies heavily on the discoveries of Biblical Archaeology.

tags: Ray Vander Laan video

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