That the World May Know

With Ray Vander Laan

Ray Vander Laan has produced the Faith Matters video series, originally knows as That the World May Know. It's a great resource for introducing the Bible in its context and relies heavily on the discoveries of Biblical Archaeology.

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Historians Look at the Christmas Story

With Charles Aling & Clyde Billington

Professor Charles Aling and Professor Clyde Billington take a look at some of the historical details of the Christmas story, separating fact from fiction and tradition.

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Desert Journey to Har Karkom

With Ziv Spector

During our 1996 Book & The Spade Israel tour we had the unusual opportunity to drive deep into the Negev desert, to a site called Har Karkom. Our guide was Ziv Spector of Desert Shade. We learned a lot about the desert and saw some stunning scenery. Har Karkom is an ancient mountain that Italian archaeologist Emanuel Anati has proposed as the “real” site of the biblical Mt. Sinai. There are more than a few problems with Anati’s rationale.

tags: Har Karkom Anati Negev Desert Archaeology

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Easter in the Holyland 1993

With Helga Abraham

A special program to mark the Easter holiday, produced in 1993 by the Israel Broadcasting Service. Helga Abraham highlights the many pilgrims who come to Jerusalem for Easter, and the events in Jerusalem churches that highlight the holiday.

tags: Jerusalem Church of the Holy Sepulchre Easter Pilgrims

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Agriculture in the Bible

With Oded Borowski

In this program from The Book & The Spade archives, professor Oded Borowski of Emory University discusses terracing and other ancient agricultural practices from the world of the Bible. This interview was conducted in 1990.

tags: Agriculture terracing Oded Borowski

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