Sepphoris and the Mona Lisa of the Galilee

With Carol Meyers

In this 1989 recording, Carol Meyers of Duke University discusses the early years of the excavations at Sepphoris, including the discovery of one of the most beautiful mosaics ever discovered.

tags: Nazareth Galilee Sepphoris Mona Lisa Carol Meyers

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With Clyde Billington

More news digest items from the latest issue of ARTIFAX magazine covered in this week's program with ARTIFAX co-editor Clyde Billington, including: The discovery of the garbage dump from first century Jerusalem including the remains of the Last Supper (not identified yet, but it's got to be in there somewhere) A cache of first century writing tablets from London, at the other end of the Roman Empire An abecedary (alphabet listing) from 15th century BC Egypt, the time of Moses And conclusive evidence that the ancient Coptic papyrus fragment that mentions the wife of Jesus is actually a forgery

tags: Jerusalem Jesus wife First century abecedary Garbage Writing Tablets

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