Digging Up Armageddon, part 2

With Eric Cline

Megiddo is one of the pre-eminent sites of biblical archaeology, a benchmark site for other excavations. George Washington University professor Eric Cline has done something that no other writer has done, excavate an excavation. He has gone back through the papers of the excavation figures–their letters, cables, dig reports, daily summaries, etc.–and provided a chronological account of how the dig progressed. This new book, Digging Up Armageddon, The Search for the Lost City of Solomon (Princeton University Press), is a different way of seeing an excavation and the drama is there, through the personalities of the directors and other aspects of the excavation. It’s a behind the scenes look at how history unfolded at a site, the second time, as archaeologists attempted to dig up its secrets. This is the second half of the interview.

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