The Givati Car Park Excavation

With Yiftah Shalev

Located between the Temple Mount and the City of David area, the Givati Car Park Excavation has been going on for the last 12 years, methodically removing layer after layer of accumulated history. We have reported on some of the exciting discoveries of that period, including a horde of Byzantine gold coins, the palace of Queen Helene of Adiabene, the figurine of a boxer, and most recently the seal impression (bulla) of Natan-Melech, servant of the king, who is mentioned in the Bible. Finally, we have the opportunity to discuss the excavation with one of the co-directors, Yiftah Shalev, of the Israel Antiquities Authority. We can learn some of the background of the excavation, how the focus is changing with new leadership, and some of the advanced techniques and technology being used.

tags: Givati Dung Gate Tyropean Valley City of David Natan Melech Bulla

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